Natural Deodorant Crystal

Do you have sensitive skin? Want to live a more natural lifestyle? Our deodorant has been specially formulated with you in mind!

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are extremely gentle. Natural mineral salts work without the harmful chemicals found in conventional antiperspirants and deodorants.

- 100% pure
- no harmful aluminums or parabens
- pharmaceutical grade mineral salts

Call 800-231-1973 to order!

"Naturally Aware"

Hypo-Allergenic, No Harmful Aluminums, 100% Pure and Natural, Non-Staining, Paraben Free, Propylene Glycol Free, Phthalate Free, Eliminates Body & Foot Odor, #1 Doctor Recommended, For Men, Women & Teens, Up to 24 hour Protection, Cruelty-Free, Both Fragrance Free & Fragranced

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