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I absolutely love your products. I have yet to find a better Foot Spray.

Amelia, NY, NY

I am so happy with my trial size of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll On. For more than 3 years I have been trying different roll-ons with no satisfaction. This one with the chamomile extract is so light and mild. I am now buying the full size product. Thank you.

V.M., California

I bought Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Stick recently. I am amazed it really works! Believe it or not this crystal beats out the expensive deodorants. Thanks.


I would just like to say how much I Love your product! The longer I use it the more I appreciate what you are selling. My favorite product is the Spray Mist. Thank you so much! -A Satisfied customer.

J.E, Connecticut

We were recommended by friends to use your product Refrigerator Fresh for odors. It works great! We use it in our home, motor home and refrigerator.

Pete G.

I am writing to you in reference to your "Naturally Fresh" deodorant. I was advised by my Dr. sometime ago that I had to use an all natural deodorant. I have been using your deodorant for a while and find it to be very good. Thank you.

A.M, NY.

Testimonial From A Doctor - Thank you, for the prompt response to my request for samples of the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Spray Mist. I have been recommending that our breast cancer patients use your product while undergoing radiation therapy to reduce the chance of skin reaction. The patients love the product. I will be glad to share with them the list of local stores that carry Naturally Fresh Deodorant Spray.

If you have any other skin care products or information packets I can distribute to the patients I would gladly take them. Thanks again, for your generosity and help.

L. Spanner, RN, BSN

Testimonial From A Doctor - The Radiation Oncologists at the Esther Marie Cancer Care Center in Edgewood, KY advise our breast cancer patients to use metal-free deodorant as the aluminum in Deodorant can cause irritation in an irradiated treatment field.

We have found that the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products work extremely well for our breast cancer patients and we have seen no signs of irritation or allergic reaction with your product.

As you well know, cancer treatment is extremely expensive. Some of our patients have no insurance and cannot afford to buy the deodorant. We are extremely blessed to have companies such as yours who generously provide samples to our patients. Of course, if the patients can afford to buy the deodorant, we provide them with the names and locations of the stores where it is sold.

R. Summe, MD, Radiation Oncology

Testimonial From A Doctor - Our practice continues to recommend Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal to our patients who are receiving radiation to treat breast cancer. We have seen no adverse skin reactions with you product for patients undergoing treatment. Your product helps our patients feel fresh and some patients continue to use your products even after radiation treatments are complete.

We appreciate you sending samples our way so we can continue to introduce your product and provide a way for patients to get started sooner with a replacement to their usual deodorant.

Also, we appreciate your letting us know where your product is currently available in our area.

Thank you for partnering in the support and care of breast cancer patients.

S. Badore R.N., Oncology Nurse

Testimonial From A Doctor - I recommend Naturally Fresh Deodorant crystals or spray mist for patients who are receiving radiation therapy to the breast and axillary area because it is fragrance free and made with natural mineral salts. Most of the other deodorants contain metals, which can increase skin irritation and redness to the axilla area during radiation treatments. We would appreciate your product samples here at the Cancer Treatment Center.

Thank you for your attention.

J. Blum, MD, Director of Radiation Oncology