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About Us

“Our mission is to offer healthy, natural and safe deodorants”

In 1991 we were inspired to offer a gentle deodorant that worked effectively without harmful chemicals, a product so natural and safe that medical doctors and health practitioners would give their full recommendation.


Having stumbled upon the idea that a raw crystal stone could simply be wetted with water and rubbed in on your skin, stopping those yucky odor-causing bacteria, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal came alive. Yes, it sounded unusual and unbelievable, but much to our surprise the results were amazing!

Ted and Cathy Alflen founded TCCD International, the original makers of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. They began importing raw stones from Thailand to produce their very first product, The Crystal, in a Dish.


Now, 22 years later, we have gained loyal fans from all over the world that trust our products and share them with their family and friends. Celebrities, doctors and media have all shown their support, their recommendations and awards. We have used their support to give back to the community here and in Thailand where we import our raw crystals. We have developed an innovative product line including:

fresh deodorant

·         Award Winning Roll-ons  

·         Doctor Recommended Spray Mists 

·         Original Crystal Stone 

·         Foot Sprays 

·         Travel Sizes 

·         Patented Aloe Vera Crystal Wide Stick

And much more!


We may not be the first crystal deodorant company, but we believe we are the most respected and recognized manufacturer on the market and that we are the “go to” brand. Other companies have tried to duplicate our products and concepts but they cannot produce the same quality. Why? Because we are personally invested in the future of our company and we want our fans today to be our fans tomorrow and producing quality products is just a part of every day. Because we manufacture at the same location as the corporate office, we have control over every aspect of the products you use from start to finish.  We are able to innovate on a dime because we have the tools right on the other side of the office door. There are very few companies that can give you that assurance!