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Sensitive Skin

Over 20 years ago Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal saw the need to create gentle yet effective natural deodorant products for those suffering from sensitive skin. Lately the beauty world is turning underarms into a hot topic. In one study 93% of women surveyed believed their armpits were unattractive.
To anyone who has ever experienced underarm irritations, bumps, itchiness or even discoloring this may hit home. And they are in good company; over 10 percent of the population has sensitive skin. Generally, the perfumes used to mask odor or the harsh ingredients in antiperspirants and conventional deodorants act as allergens causing unsightly underarms.
The entire line of Nat Fresh Deo products were specifically designed for those irritated by conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. Our products are hypoallergenic, free of harmful aluminums and come in fragrance free options. Fortunately these Natural deodorants are extremely gentle yet amazingly effective. They offer the perfect combination for active people with sensitive skin seeking a healthy alternative and better lifestyle with the best natural deodorants.
When our customers apply Nat Fresh Deo products they are confident and find comfort in knowing their underarms are free from irritation.