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Propylene Glycol

Next time you take a look at the back of your Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal product, consider what ingredients you don’t see. Compared to other “natural” deodorants, an ingredient noticeably absent on our products is propylene glycol. While we feel this ingredient would be better used in the garage than your sensitive underarms, other deodorant companies don’t agree! We believe beauty products, especially natural deodorant, should evoke confidence in consumers - not worry.
Propylene Glycol is a colorless viscous liquid used in antifreeze. But this solvent is also, surprisingly, used in many common household items such as floor wax, laundry detergent, lotions and even “natural” deodorants.
Scientifically speaking, Propylene Glycol acts as a wetting agent that can easily penetrate the skin. In fact, there are warnings out by the EPA that factory workers should avoid contact to prevent brain, liver and kidney abnormalities.
This substance is primarily used in beauty products including conventional deodorants and antiperspirants to retain moisture and keep products from drying out. When Propylene Glycol is absorbed into the skin, it’s thought to cause a number of medical conditions. Most commonly it’s known as an irritant that can cause dryness, allergic reactions and even blistering.
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products were specifically designed for men and women who are allergic to or irritated by conventional deodorant and antiperspirants that contain Propylene Glycol. Due to the reaction of Propylene Glycol, men and women who have sensitive skin require natural, gentle products like ours. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are 100% pure and natural, non-staining and provide up to 24 hours of hypoallergenic protection against body odor.
Our main concern is always our customers and their health. Our customers should feel comfortable and confident that our products are a safe and effective natural alternative to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, and unfortunately even to some deodorants who misleadingly claim to be natural.