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Oncologists Recommend Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal to their Patients

Our team at Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal supports the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s vision of a world without breast cancer—and to fight every minute of every day until that goal is achieved.

One way we help is by donating a portion of our proceeds to the Komen Foundation. Another way is by offering a solution to a little-known side effect of breast cancer radiation therapy: irritation from conventional deodorants/antiperspirants.

The fact is, most oncologists recommend avoiding deodorants and antiperspirants during treatments (which can last weeks). It’s a small issue – but one which can be avoided. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal’s formulas are extremely gentle, contain no processed aluminum and are recommended as a safe alternative to conventional deodorants during these treatments.

In fact, we’re the No. 1 recommended brand by Oncology Centers across the country. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Our practice continues to recommend Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal to our patients who are receiving radiation therapy to treat breast cancer. Your product helps our patients feel fresh and some patients continue to use your product even after radiation therapy is complete.” –Syracuse, N.Y.

“The Radiation Oncologists at the Esther Marie Cancer Center in Edgewood, KY advise our breast cancer patients to use metal-free deodorant as the aluminum in deodorant can cause irritation in an irradiated treatment field. We have found Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products work extremely well for our breast cancer patients, and we have seen no signs of irritation or allergic reaction with your products…We are extremely blessed to have companies such as yours who generously provide samples to our patients.” –Edgewood, KY

“As Administrator of Covina Cancer Center, I have firsthand knowledge as to the advantage of your Spray Mist product in our breast irradiated patients. Since the treatment fields often involves the patient’s armpits, they are asked to refrain from using deodorant in their involved axilla area due to increased irritation from such products containing metals…They come routinely for 6-7 weeks and not using deodorant is often a problem...We will continue to encourage patients to call your Toll-Free number to purchase your finely constructed product.” –Convina, CA

“I recommend Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals or Spray Mist for patients who are receiving radiation therapy to the breast and axillary area because it is fragrance free and made with natural mineral salts. Most of the other deodorants contain metals, which can increase skin irritation and redness to the axilla area during radiation treatments.” –Chambersburg, PA

“We have recommended the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal product to our patients. We have had excellent feedback on your product. We will keep recommending this product to our patients.” –Las Vegas, NV

“I have distributed the samples of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal to my patients and have received favorable response. I will continue to recommend this product in the future.”-Newtown, CT

Learn more about our efforts to support the cure or call us with any questions at 1-800-653-4006.