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Naturally Aware

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal brings intellectual awareness to health conscious consumers, helping you to make the correct deodorant choice. Many customers and doctors alike searching for in-depth knowledge for an all-natural, healthy alternative to conventional deodorants need to look no further. All the information below should help you decide which deodorant is right for you, and hopefully turn you into a Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal lover for life!

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are 100% pure, non-staining, and provide long-lasting odor protection, protection against body and foot odor. Our products are also paraben free, propylene glycol free, phthalate free, and contain no harmful aluminums (aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium). They function as natural deodorants, while permitting the pores to excrete toxins naturally.


Alum is a natural mineral salt. It is a naturally occurring compound and one of the most abundant substances on earth, just behind oxygen and silicon. Alum literally is present all around us… It’s in the air we breathe, the water we drink, foods we eat and is one of the basic building blocks of our environment. This form of natural deodorant has been used in the health and nutrition industry for over 20 years and similar natural commodities have been used in Europe and Asia for centuries. Make no mistake: Alum is a natural compound compared to most conventional deodorants/antiperspirants which contain potentially harmful processed aluminums (aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium).


Most people think antiperspirants and deodorants are the same thing, but they are not. Deodorants are considered a cosmetic product while antiperspirants are regulated by the FDA because they are classified as a drug due to the effect they have on the body. Antiperspirants work by clogging, closing, or blocking the pores with powerful aluminum chemicals so that they can not release sweat. Deodorants work by neutralizing the smell of the sweat. Deodorants are preferable because they don’t interfere with sweating, a natural cooling process.

Consumer advocacy groups continue to voice concerns over questions regarding common health and beauty products, including deodorant and antiperspirant. Certain studies indicate potential health risks associated with aluminum compounds found in many antiperspirants. Similar studies find like-risks with parabens found in some deodorants. Both have been somewhat linked to serious illnesses, including breast cancer.


The Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals are made of mineral salts which are pure, fragrance free, non-staining and provide up to 24-hour, protection against body and foot odor. Being in salt, and not in metal form, the crystal deodorant contains no harmful aluminums that can clog pores. Unlike antiperspirants, mineral salts allow the natural process of perspiration, rather than trying to block sweat or your body's natural cooling process.

You may ask yourself, if mineral salts do not block sweat or cover up odor, then how are they effective? Well regarding the solid stones, to apply, wet the crystal and rub it on areas you wish to deodorize. The salt molecules provide a barrier of protection against odor causing bacteria from forming. The salt deposits stay on your skin, raising the PH level. The salt on your skin reduces the moisture on the areas where it has been applied which leaves you with a non-sticky, fresh and clean feeling throughout the day. Naturally Fresh Deodorant solid crystal products are guaranteed to be free of synthetic oils, alcohol, emulsifiers, solvents and other chemical additives.


The Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals were specifically designed for men and women who are allergic to or irritated by conventional deodorants for various reasons – which accounts for 10% of our population! Generally, either the perfumes which are used to mask odor or the antiperspirant ingredients will act as allergens causing rash and/or irritation. For this reason, men and women who have sensitive skin require fragrance free products. The problem with most natural deodorant products is their effectiveness. Fortunately, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are extremely gentle, yet amazingly effective. They offer the perfect combination for active people seeking a healthy alternative and better lifestyle with the best natural deodorants.


Aluminum compounds are abundant in our environment. They are found in most foods and drinking water. Many people and doctors have concerns with respect to the processed aluminum found in conventional deodorants. Technically speaking, aluminum is a metal while Alum is a compound. Aluminum Chlorohydrate is a chemical neurotoxin used in most consumer deodorants and antiperspirants that can cause allergic reactions. These harmful processed aluminums have very small molecules which can clog pours and penetrate the skin and end up in the bloodstream. The benefit of using alum is that it contains large molecules which do not so easily penetrate the body or bloodstream.


Many Allergists, Dermatologists and Oncologists recommend the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal brand of natural deodorants to their patients. 


We manufacture and distribute our own products in house, so NO animals have ever been tested with our products. We are Cruelty-Free and we have not, nor will ever test on animals. We test on friends, family, and of course the scientists working with us. 

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Sets the Record Straight on Crystal Deodorants

In response to recent misleading and irresponsible information on the Internet about the safety of deodorant crystal products, we want to set the record straight about the safety of our products. We have been manufacturing and distributing our natural deodorant product line since 1991 and have millions of satisfied customers. As always our customers should feel comfortable and confident that our products are a safe and effective natural alternative to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants.

Our deodorants are made from either potassium or ammonium alum. These are natural mineral salts and are forms of naturally occurring aluminum. We are not aware of any reseach confirming that alum poses a legitimate health risk.

However, most conventional antiperspirants contain processed aluminums called aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium. Because processed aluminums have a very small molecular structure, the concern is that it will penetrate the skin and can be a potential problem for people who have kidney issues. For this reason the FDA requires antiperspirants to print the following warning on all antiperspirant product labels...."Ask a doctor before use if you have a kidney disease."

As always our main concern as the world's leading innovator and manufacturer of natural deodorant crystal products is our customers. The safety and efficacy of our products are our fundamental mission.

We welcome your communication and continued support.