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Starting a detox program? Looking to make an easy change for a healthier lifestyle? The first step is educating yourself on what you feed your body, including what is absorbed through the skin.
Appyling deodorant is a daily ritual that many people don’t realize can expose you to harmful aluminum. While aluminum is the earth’s most abundant metal and not harmful in its natural state, it is rampantly altered and overused in everyday products, such as conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. Harmful aluminum builds up in our body tissues and organs, leading to aluminum toxicity. This build up has been linked to some medical conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, liver and skin diseases, heartburn, learning disabilities and fatigue.
Antiperspirants frustrate a healthy lifestyle by preventing the body from sweating naturally, releasing a variety of toxins that build up in our bodies. Detoxing works by naturally cleansing the entire body from the inside. Living a healthier lifestyle means getting rid of toxins. The first step is to choose an all-natural product.
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are natural and do not contain harmful aluminum. Our brand is used regularly by cancer treatment centers across the United States and is highly recommended by oncologists, allergists and dermatologists to their patients particularly because our ingredients are free from harmful containment. When consumers switch to Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal from conventional deodorants or antiperspirants the body will naturally detox the chemicals from their system.
As a health conscious consumer, we know education is important to you. Our goal is to help you make the natural deodorant choice that will help you enjoy the benefits of a more natural lifestyle. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are 100% pure and natural, non-staining, and provide up to 24 hour, hypoallergenic protection against body and foot odor. You can have peace of mind knowing our products are also paraben free, propylene glycol free, phthalate free, and contain no harmful aluminums.
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products keep you fresh by stopping odor-causing bacteria while working with your body’s sweating function to release impurities naturally.