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A Look into BuckPower Antler Velvet

Antler Velvet, is a buzz word growing in the in the health community. Have you ever heard of it? This supplement is proving to be one of the most beneficial products in natural medicine. Oriental physicians have been using this product as an essential health, energy and vitality tonic for the past two thousand years. TCCD International, parent company of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, would like to reintroduce BuckPower Antler Velvet.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Feedback

Gina Lombardi, RDH, NSCA-CPT, sent us a testimonial on her success with Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal that we would like to share: “As a Health and Fitness reporter, Celebrity Trainer and Host of FitNation on the Discovery Channel, it is my duty to report on what's best for the public.

You can still be underage to buy our underarm products

The always outspoken, fashion policewoman, Joan Rivers, is revealing her old Broadway trick to staying fresh (and we mean the trick is old, not Joan). In a Huffington Post article Rivers admits to spraying a mixture of vodka and water under her arms. She swears you will never smell again. For years people have been trying a combination of household items to make their own deodorants. We have to wonder, why?

What do you think of Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Products?

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POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (Feb. 14, 2011) – Whether you have under arm odor issues, irritated skin or just want a natural option for deodorant, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal wants to hear why you like its products.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Joins Support Network for Cancer Patients

The 100% natural deodorant brand recognized as a local cancer resource by Happy Chemo!

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (Feb. 10, 2011) – Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal is partnering with the cancer support network, Happy Chemo! The company will now be recognized as a local cancer resource for natural body products.

Combining Efforts

This year Wegmans Food Markets will be stocking Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products. Beginning in February, the mega market will carry the all natural Ocean Breeze and Fragrance Free Roll-on, the Fragrance Free Spray Mist, and the Wide Stick.

Beauty Products Debunked

At the beginning of January, the FDA announced it will begin requiring companies to identify any products made with insect extract on their ingredient list. This ruling came after a number of allergic reactions cases caused by beetle-based coloring additives.

Be Natural for a Better You in 2011

It’s a new year, which means resolutions. In 2011 be more natural for a better you.

This all-natural lifestyle thing might seem like a craze, but it is here to stay. Our customers are experiencing the numerous of benefits that go along with switching to Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Products. Here are just a few:

First, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals are made from mineral salts which are pure and natural, fragrance free, non-staining and provide up to 24-hour, hypoallergenic protection against body and foot odor.

Sneak Peak at 2011

It’s time to ring in a New Year at Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.

2011 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. Our team is working hard to spread the word on our products, and make it easier on our customers to find us locally.

What GNC Live Well Shoppers are Saying about our Products

They say the customer is always right; in that case we are in good shape with GNC Live Well.

Here’s some customer reviews about our products on their website

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