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Aluminum stops you from sweating, but is it safe?

We are exposed to thousands of harmful ingredients on a daily basis, whether in foods or cosmetics. Educating ourselves is the best way to avoid health risks. Many are concerned about the harmful effects of Aluminum.

Toxic Beauty: The Ugly Truth of Cosmetics and Breast Cancer

It's true. Our breasts are overexposed daily to thousands of chemicals from environmental pollutants to pesticides in foods. Even your beauty routine may be damaging to your health. Learn the ugly truth about the 10 worst offending and widely used toxins in cosmetics. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal brands are officially endorsed by Dr. Melanie Bone and recommended by Oncologists, Allergists and Dermatologists across the United States to their patients. Why? Our ingredients are free of harmful aluminum containments.

Taking Action for Animals- Today and Every Day!

There’s no better time than “meow” to take a stand for what you believe in. Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal leads by example and has never, and will never, test our products on animals. Not only do we vocalize our beliefs, we participate in events supporting the cause. July 27-30 2012, we will be attending the Taking Action for Animals conference in Washington D.C. hosted by Leaping Bunny.

The Heat is On

Relentless heat is gripping most of America.

Release your inner natural beauty

As you walk down the beauty aisle at any drugstore there are hundreds of bottles labeled all-natural, and organic. In fact, sales of these products reached $11 billion last year.

Hello Summer!

It’s officially summer! We are thankful for the warm air, vacations and time spent outside. In honor of the season, here are some natural activities to do this summer: - Grow your own garden – It is so satisfying to grow your own food.

Give dad the gift of health this Father’s Day

Natural deodorant – it’s not your typical coffee mug or tie, but our Boxed Crystal Stick is a gift every dad should want to receive. As you know, our crystal deodorant is extremely effective when it comes to providing 24-hours of non-staining relief from body and foot odor.

Nat Fresh Deo: It’s your passport to beauty

As the summer sun heats up, we’ve got you covered for all your summertime activities.

If you’re jet-setting around the world, throw a Boxed Crystal Stick into your carry on or purse. It was named a TSA-approved beauty product by Since it’s a solid, there’s no worrying about spills and it will keep you feeling fresh upon arrival and departure.

Gender Pricing Stinks

Ladies, next time you’re out shopping, take notice of your beauty products versus their male counterparts. Does your deodorant and shampoo cost more? Most likely the answer is yes.

Fueling Healthy Living

We’re all about providing people with natural and healthy alternatives to conventional deodorants, so what better way to share this message than at a 5K with thousands of sweaty runners who take their health seriously?

This week we are teaming up with the Swanson Health and Fitness Expo in Fargo, N.D. The festivities will include a 5K walk/run that brought out more than 20,000 health-conscious runners last year and an expo that will offer the latest and greatest in running apparel, shoes and health products like ours.

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