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Aluminum stops you from sweating, but is it safe?

We are exposed to thousands of harmful ingredients on a daily basis, whether in foods or cosmetics. Educating ourselves is the best way to avoid health risks. Many are concerned about the harmful effects of Aluminum. Aluminum is a chemical compound commonly used in deodorants and antiperspirants that can be a potentially health hazard. When educating ourselves about aluminum, and how to avoid the potentially harmful side effects linked to aluminum exposure, it is important to understand that there are two types of aluminum; processed aluminum (also known as Aluminum Chlorohydrate/Aluminum Zirconium) and naturally-occurring alum. Processed aluminum works in antiperspirants by blocking the pores and thereby hindering the sweat glands from excreting sweat, and stopping odor causing bacteria from forming. The small molecular structure within processed aluminum allows it to penetrate pores and potentially reach the blood stream. Studies have questioned the effects of aluminum on long-term conditions such as breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. The second type of aluminum is potassium or ammonium alum—the chemical terms for mineral salt. These types of alums are naturally occurring in nature, and known components used in crystal-based deodorant brands such as Naturally Fresh.  Natural mineral salts work by gently creating a protective layer on the skin stopping body odor causing bacteria from growing. Unlike the processed aluminum, alum cannot penetrate the skin due to its larger molecule structure, making it safe to use. Doctors, oncologists and allergists have recommended Naturally Fresh for years as they are free of harmful aluminum. While we are exposed to toxins every day of our lives, there are simple ways to reduce the exposure. Educating ourselves and making healthier choices including aluminum free deodorants are small sacrifices and worthwhile efforts.